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At some point in our lives, we have all reached a point where there is no will to carry on with life or life goals. We feel like just to give up. We all have had our lows in life let that be your girlfriend leaving you or you getting fired from your job. Let that be losing someone close, there have been times where we would have thought that this is it. The end of our life’s stories. This is where positive thinking exercises help us out.

Well if you ask me, no matter how hard you have fallen down in life, anything can be recovered if you are willing to have a positive approach to everything that has occurred in your past. 

You see, everything in life happens for a reason. If you are willing to tackle it head-on with a positive approach, I bet, nothing is going to stop you from surviving the rock bottom of your life. By following certain positive thinking exercises, the rock bottom of your life can become the rock-solid foundation of a new chapter in your life. In these scenarios only positive thinking exercises can be a great way to turn things around.

Under this blog, we will be discussing some of the major positive thinking exercises for anxiety and some positive thinking exercises for the workplace.

These exercises helped me as it has helped other and I believe it will help my readers too. So get your cup of coffee in hand and read on some of the most effective positive thinking exercises that exist out there.

Positive Thinking Exercises



positive thinking exercises infographics

Read the following positive thinking exercise and implement them in your life.

Have A Belief In Yourself

believe in yourself

Believing in yourself that you will achieve what you are looking for is one of the most effective positive thinking exercises out there.

If you have a firm belief in yourself that despite everything odd, you will succeed, I assure you that you will manage to find your way despite all the challenges. Believing that you will succeed and work hard towards it is one of the most followed positive thinking exercises for anxiety and during tough times

Be At Peace With Your Past

leave past behindOne of the other positive thinking exercises on how to focus on the positive side of your life is to be content with the past you have had. Everyone out there, have a story of their own. Let it be to be proud of or let it be something to regret.

There is one thing that you need to be really sure about is the fact, that if you have to move on. You yourself achieve greater things in life, you have to forgive and forget your past if that is not possible. You shouldn’t keep on recalling the sad part of our history as that will hinder you to move on and have a stable and happy life.

Travel different places

Travel To Different Places

Believe it or not, but traveling actually is one of the most distinctive positive thinking exercise out there. You must have noticed the boost in your productivity and mood after you have come home traveling to somewhere new. Traveling to somewhere new helps you to be exposed to different food, culture, and people.

It helps you socialize with other and see how their lives have been. Travelling will help you understand the fact that everyone that you see and meet, had their hard times in their lives too but despite everything, they kept on moving and smiling. Seeing new places and beautiful scenery also helps you think positive and have a positive outlook on your life.

Know That Things Could Have Been Worse Than They Are

No matter how hard you have fallen in your life, there is something that you should know. And that is things could have been much far worse how they currently are. Knowing deep inside you that things could have been worse is one also one of the key positive thinking exercises because it helps you see the fact that though times are hard, they could have been harder. This also makes you appreciate the things that you have, no matter how less they are.

Lift Others To Lift Yourself

Another highly effective positive thinking exercise is to lift others up in order to lift yourself up. By this I mean, is to help others. Helping others will dramatically offset your sad mood and you will feel content with your life.

Helping others generally not only means by giving something, even if you smile to other, you might have made them pass their day because you never know that they might be having a bad mood and your smile helped them without even you knowing it.

motivational quote

There Is No Failure, Only Lessons

This is not just a fancy line but a universal truth in life. Everything you fall, it never means that you have failed. In the real sense, it means that you have learned something in life.

Trying something new and seeing not blossom as you expected might be a tough thing to see but you should have this thing that no matter even if it failed, you learned something new from it. It was a lesson in your life which will help you go through the other adventures of your life.


One of the other wells knows exercise on how to be positive and how to think positive and be happy is to socialize. Socializing helps your mind to be distracted and not to have negative thoughts.

While you are socializing, you meet new people which helps you to enjoy the moments in your life. Socializing is also one of the most effective exercises for groups that enable positive thoughts and mood.

If you want to make female friend read our article here.

Create Life Goals That Are Realistic

At times in our lives, we create goals that are not only hard to achieve but are at times unrealistic. Making unrealistic life goals will not only push you towards failure. This will also stress you over and over again causing you anxiety and negative thoughts about yourself.

It is better to have small incremental goals so that you achieve your bigger life goal step by step. You have more things to appreciate in life.

Have A Role Model In Your Life

Have a role modelThis is something that you might have heard in almost all the positive thinking seminars. This is something that everyone who succeeds in their hard lives has mentioned it. Having a role model who had similar life goals or troubles like you. When and how they managed to succeed through all the tough time gives you hope and motivation to succeed.

You realize the fact that if they could succeed in life despite all the troubles, then you could too. You also manage to find a guideline in them which make you have a positive attitude towards your life and goals

Upbeat Music – Uplift Your Mood

There is no doubt that the music you listen to affects your life and your mood. According to many people, it has been noted that if you are in a bad mood or feeling low.

Listening to upbeat music will improve that automatically. There are plenty of quality upbeat music on YouTube. They can lift up your mood in no time.

Celebrate Even The Smallest Achievements In Your Life

Knowing that even the smallest achievement in your life might be a big challenge in someone else life is a good positive thinking exercise. For example, for you writing an English article.

It can be a fairly easy thing but someone whose English is very poor, this can be a daunting procedure. Celebrating your achievements helps you boost your mood dramatically and helps you see over the horizon.

It is at times very easy for the negative thoughts and bad mood to take over you in no time. It might prevent you from doing great in your life. As you always imagined and might also adversely affect your love life and career.

celebrate your life

In order to prevent yourself hitting a low in your mood, we would suggest you following the above stated short but effective exercises. You can also watch positive thinking videos on YouTube and many other attitude games for students and workplaces.

How to focus on the positive side of your life might be a tough thing to do at times, but it is for sure the best thing to do. To make sure that you do not suffer badly due to small incidents in your life. We would love to hear from you all about how you took control of your life during tough times and conquered over your fears.


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