15 Best Things To Do On Vacation In Colorado – Trip Guide 2018


In this article, we will be informing you about best things to do on vacation in Colorado. Colorado is one of the best states in America. There are places of fun for everyone from the kids to the adults.

This state is really welcoming to the tourists and they always leave happy after a visit. There are adventure filled sites along with museums and parks and guarantee a good time. You can most definitely spend your summer here.

Best Things To Do On Vacation In Colorado During The Summer:

For a vacation in summer, there are many sites one can visit and things to do in Colorado. Here are a few of those:Best things to do on Vacation in Colorado

Hike The Red Rocks

It is one of the best places to visit in Colorado and this gigantic park is maintained by the city of Denver.

You know you are truly alive when you’re living in mountains.


Many say it is one of many best things to do on vacation in Colorado. There are huge red sandstone outcrops and these are considered a favorite site for tourists. Also many concerts and festivals in the area throughout the year providing a unique experience and hiking trails have been setup for those who are brave enough to walk through the big and risky rocks.

You can find yoga centers as it is a calm spot and one can also lounge at Film on the Rocks. There are many options and things to do in the mountains.best things to do on vacation in colorado

Stop At The Ute Mountain Tribal Park

This Tribal Park near the Cortez area in Colorado is a must visit site in the summer. There are guides that take the visitors through the park and around the boundary of the Mesa Verde National Park. It has the remains of the Native Americans as the land was used by them before, when they lived and cultivated the fields over there.

This place is quite and has usually few visitors and the calm environment is really appealing for those who want to give some time to themselves away from the fast lifestyle. It also has hike trails and steps through which you can go to great heights for a good sightseeing. This makes it one of the best things to do on vacation in Colorado.

Go To The Zapata Falls

One of the top things to do while on vacation in Colorado is to see these gigantic falls. One can approach it by traveling through the Great Sand Dunes National park and after the hike, the sound of the cool water falling will make all the exhaustion disappear. It remains at a low temperature even in the summers and the view is great where one can see the fields and dunes from afar.best things to do on vacation in colorado

Colorado Fruit And Wine Country

Western side of Colorado has the perfect mountains and plains to offer. It is home to the best wineries in the country. You shouldn’t miss it in your list of places to visit in Colorado. There are trees and gardens of apples, cherries, peaches etc., and the grapevines grown are converted to the best wines by extensive and safe procedures. The site is the origin to the best sellers like chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon among many others. So don’t miss it among the best things to do in vacations in colorado.

Steer Through Mountain Road

The mountain roads in Colorado are not ordinary and are located at great heights. It was made between

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Edmund Hillary

and at the edges of the mountains where they can sometimes induce fear in the light-hearted. The 12,095 feet high road surely provides a scenic view and there are hiking trails available even higher. Its definatly one of the best things to do on vacation in Colorado.

In winters though, mountain roads are completely covered by snow as trees are present well below and can’t provide any cover. In the summers, there is rich bloom and flowers cover the rocky patches and wind blows throughout the area. best things to do on vacation in colorado

Raft The Arkansas River

To escape the summer heat, you can also float through the river in Colorado. For the daredevils, there is the high-speed water stream having enough bumps to make your head dizzy. The classical music cruise is available in which you can have lunch and dinner all the while enjoying the flowing water. Water levels are not dangerously high and light boating is always possible.

Become A Detective At Adams Mystery Playhouse

If you like mysteries then this is one of the best things to do on vacation in Colorado for you. The mystery dinner theatre in Colorado is one of its kind and is guaranteed fun for everyone. There are special skits and buffet dinner with light comedy all the time. You might witness a murder (fake for sure) at any moment and you will have to solve the crime.

During that time you are constantly entertained and engaged by a series of plays and impressions and at the end, the case is discussed. Prizes are also given away to the ones who solve the crime!best things to do on vacation in colorado

Zipline Through Royal Gorge

There are many zip line tours available at the Royal Gorge. There are various courses spanning over 3 miles and are a must of the adventurous. The zip lines are almost hidden in the mountains and are designed very carefully.

The launching areas and landings are almost natural and one can fly on it at the speed of almost 55 mph. Make sure to try it when you are in Colorado! because this is for sure one of the best things to do on vacation in Colorado.

Feed The Fishes At Outdoor World

The Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World is the place where you can enjoy feeding to varieties of beautiful fishes and this place is quite extraordinary compared to the usual ones. More than fifteen species of fish are available as well as a gigantic 82-pound cat fish.

The shops have the best fishing and hunting gear and the trip is totally worth it. If you are a dish lover than you must definitely add it to your best things to do on vacation in Colorado. Furthermore, there are galleries and museums for entertainment and the environment is family friendly with a kind staff. It is one of the best things to do in Colorado with kids.Best things to do on Vacation in Colorado

Things To Do In Colorado Denver:

Denver City is aptly named as the mile high city because of its exact location one mile above the sea level. Being of the highest cities in Colorado and overall in the states of America. It provides a great view and the Mountains and Plains make it a favorite spot for nature lovers and tourists. Here some things to do and places to visit in Denver.best things to do on vacation in colorado

Denver Botanic Gardens

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

Gerard De Nerval

These beautiful gardens are one of the best places to visit in Denver. You can walk through these at any time of the year and because of the plants and trees, the temperature is always normal. There are many ongoing conservation projects in the Botanic Gardens and you will find quite a huge variety of plants with pools and small lakes. You can either plan a picnic here or enjoy at the fancy restaurants.Best things to do on Vacation in Colorado

American Museum Of Western Art

This Museum shows the early life in the west from the seventeenth century and greatly promotes the culture and lifestyle of that era. You will be amazed at the accurate depiction of history and the tour will make you more aware of the habits and life of the people of that region. Some of the art content requires adults to supervise the children as it is targeted towards a more mature demographic.

Rockies Air And Space Museum

You are certainly in luck if you are an aircraft or aviation fan. Rockies Air and Space Museum is located on a former Air Force hanger and houses a beautiful collection of vintage aircraft and space vehicles. There are extremely rare pieces in the Museum like the Alexander Eaglerock, a Star Wars X-Wing fighter, a B-18A Bolo among many others.

The guides will tell you a lot more about the artifacts and the history of the museum and you can get souvenirs at the shops as well. It is indeed part of the coolest places to visit in Denver.best things to do on vacation in colorado

Denver Public Library

For reading addicts, another one of the best places to visit in Denver is the public library. It has a humongous collection of more than two million books, movies, DVDs, reference materials, pictures etc. For those interested in western history this is the go-to place.

This is one of the best things to do on vacation in Colorado for book readers. For children, there are exciting activities and books available in the library. Everyone enjoys and gets the most out of their time at the library.

Downtown Aquarium

Another family-friendly place in Denver is the downtown aquarium having more than half a thousand species including an interactive Reef touch tank, lounges for diving, restaurants etc. You will never be bored and will be entrained throughout your trip to the aquarium. The design and interior are unique and teaches a lot about the aquatic and marine life. The seafood at the restaurant is one of the best ever!best things to do on vacation in colorado

So, here were some of the best things to do on vacation in Colorado. The state has a lot to offer for everyone from kids to adults and there is a huge number of places for entertainment and fun. Most of the spots are accessible throughout the year but you can enjoy them especially in the summer and during your vacation too! If we missed an interesting spot please let us know in comments below. For more Interesting reads keep visiting Aedrio.


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