Well if you have landed on this blog, either you are a school kid looking how to draw a dog for your art project or a layman looking to make a dog picture for the kids. No matter what age you are. You have landed on the right page.

Here we will be discussing a step by step guide on how to draw a dog. Now please note that under this section, we will only be discussing on how to draw a dog or simple puppy. We are not going into a too refined drawing of them. Just in case you are looking for a detailed dog drawing, google ‘draw realistic puppy and/or puppy’ and you will be redirected to a different set of pages.

So get your pencils and papers ready and read on to how to draw a dog. In order to draw well make sure you have the right kind of paper and pencil. A non-glossy normal A4 paper would be ideal with 4H and 2H pencils for different shadings. Follow this step by step guide and hopefully, in the end, you have a good looking dog on your papers.

There are several types of dogs that can be drawn easily so here are some of the easiest dogs that can be drawn.

How to Draw a Dog

In order to draw a dog:

  1. You first have to make three circles in diagonal connected by a centreline. The top circle is the head, the middle one is the chest while the last one is the legs of the dogs.
  2. Then draw smaller circles to make the legs of the dog and its ears and nose. Follow how it is done in the pictures.
  3. Once the upper body is roughly sketched, you can make the outlines for the fur of the dog’s body. Make sure it is closer to the rough sketch or else your dog will be a bloated one.
  4. Once the outer most boundaries are made, you may rub off the inner boundaries in order make the dog look more realistic. Add finer details such as the ears, nose and the tongue of the dog.
  5. Making this dog might be a bit harder as compared to the previous two, but just practice and practice until you have the dog image as close to ours.

How to draw a cartoon puppy?

Drawing a cartoon puppy is one of the easiest puppies that can be drawn right away. So here is a step by step guide on how to draw a cartoon puppy.

  1. First of all, draw a circle. The circle serves as the size of the head and the overall body of the puppy, therefore, it’s up to you on how big you want your circle to be.
  2. After drawing the initial circle, overlap the lower part of the circle with a horizontal oval
  3. When two circles are drawn, create two small inner circles for the eyes of the puppy
  4. Now when the eyes are drawn, make a small oval near of the eyes as shown in the picture for the nose of the puppy
  5. Once the eyes and the nose basic structure is drawn, draw the lines for the mouth of the puppy
  6. Follow how it is shown in the picture in order to make the ear of the puppy. Its better to start with a light sketch so it can be erased easily
  7. Follow the same procedure to draw the other ear of the puppy. Now you have the basic structure of a puppy head
  8. Once the face basic structure is done, we can now start making the rest of the body for the puppy. Start with making two rectangles that will overlap each other as shown in the illustrative picture.
  9. Another big rectangle will follow the first two in order to make the tummy of the puppy
  10. This is for sure an easy to draw an animal. Make a final last box which is curved at its end in order to complete the tummy section of the cartoon dog.
  11. Now make a small overlapping oval at the end of the tummy drawn before, this will create the back leg of the dog
  12. Make vertical lines as shown in the pictures in order to create the forelegs of the dog.
  13. Now make small ovals in order to make the paws of the puppy
  14. After the above step, add some refinement to the sketch as shown in the picture, you will be surprised how in such a small moment your question of how to draw a cartoon puppy is resolved in front of you.
  15. Now rub off all the guidelines that were drawn and your cartoon puppy is ready to colour as you wish. Time to impress your school art teacher or teach your kids on how to draw one.

How to draw a simple puppy?

If you are looking on how to draw a simple puppy and not on how to draw a cartoon puppy, we have got that covered for you as well. Your question on how to draw a simple puppy can be answered right away by following the mentioned steps;

  1. First of all, draw two parallel lines as shown in the picture. The distance between the lines is going to define the size of your dog face
  2. Now connect one side of the lines with a curved line. This will be the nose of your dog drawing
  3. Now add another curved line at the top parallel line. This will be the top of the head and the ear for the dog drawing
  4. Now from the ear of the dog, bring a curved line to the end of the shape as shown in the image. This will complete the backline of the puppy
  5. After this, add some sketching to the lower part of the picture which will be the chest of the dog and the lower part of the dog’s body
  6. Now outline the legs and the paws of the puppy. This particular picture will depict a sitting dog.
  7. Once the legs and the paws are drawn, now completely off with a furry tail for the dog. Make sure that the tail is curved slightly to make it look more realistic and add extra detail to your picture
  8. Your dog drawing is almost complete now. Just add small details like the nose, paws and eyes to make a small cute puppy for your own

We all hope that by following the above step by step guide on how to draw a dog, people of any ages can come up with an acceptable dog picture for their kids. If you would like to see more of these guides for other animals, please let us know. Since dogs, our next guides will be covering how to draw a cat’s face, how to draw cute kittens, how to draw a cat for kids and many other drawings. So stay tuned for more. Feel free to share any of your thoughts in the comment section. And also share your drawings with us if we impressed you. Looking forward to hearing from you all.