Wine can be considered a luxury when it has a high value in the market. Even though there are many brands of wine that are cheap and affordable for an ordinary person, some have mind blowing prices and still manage to get sold pretty quickly. These costly wines are not limited to a region but have origins all around the world from Australia to Chile and so on. These are the various expensive wine brands in the world.

Expensive Wine Brands

There are a lot of wine bands. Here are the most expensive ones.

Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon

Produced in the Napa Valley region in the USA, this wine is produced in a very small quantity of almost 500 to 800 cases per year and its average price is $500,000 per bottle. It is the top, one of the most expensive wine brands and most desired wine produced in Napa Valley and the lowest price for the bottles can be $2,880 which is still a hefty sum.

Expensive wine brands

Chateau Lafite

One of the most expensive wine brands this is another well-known wine brand which established in the 17th century. It is now owned by the Rothschild family and it averages to $160,000 per bottle. One of its bottles has the Thomas Jefferson’s initial on it and it was sold at a staggering price at an auction.

Penfolds Grand Hermitage

Penfolds grand hermitage is a Southern Australian wine and is considered vintage for its low production each year. Its quality and age make it available usually at auctions where it can be sold anywhere from $700 to $60,000 per bottle depending on its year of production.

Chateau Cheval Blanc

This is one of the greatest Bordeaux ever produced, is a favorite among the wine collectors and also one of the expensive wine brands. Their average price per bottle is $304,375 and can last for more than half a decade.

Expensive wine brands

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti

Brought into existence in the 17th century, only 450 cases of this wine brand are produced each year and its red wine is one of the rarest and most expensive wines ever. The price for a special Romanee-Conti was $123,899 and other bottles cost $13,800 each.

Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair La Romanee Grand Cru

From the Cote de Nuits region in France comes the most popular wine of La Romanee and the second most expensive Pinot Noir by them. It averages to $2,896 per bottle and it keeps rising making it a part of expensive wine brands.

Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru

This is another one of the expensive wine brands from the French region and is the third highest rated Gevrey-Chambertin in the world. Currently, its average cost is thought to be $3,728 and it increases every year.Expensive wine brands

Egon Muller-Scharzhof Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese

This wine of Riesling variety comes from Germany and is the most expensive white wine there. Not only is its name staggering but its average amount also which is $9,170 escalating with its popularity amoungst expensive wine brands.

Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru

The brand is Chambolle Musigny and each bottle of this Grand Cru Pinot Noir is estimated to be more or equal to $6,327.

Penfolds Bin 170 Kalimna Limited Edition Shiraz 2010

This brand makes wines from the Kalimna vineyards and different types of ingredients are used in its production like black pepper, dried herbs etc. The price of its bottles is $1800 one of the expensive wine brands family.Expensive wine brands

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Montrachet Grand Cru

The Chardonnay variety of grapes is used in the production of this wine and it has an approximate score of 96/100 among the vintages and has won several awards. This member of the expensive wine brands family bottle costs $4,360 and it is also made in France.

All Saints Museum Muscadelle

The wines of this brand are usually more than a hundred years old. It has a brown nutty color and the taste stays on the tongue for a long time. The average price of this Muscadelle is $1000.

Domaine Georges and Christophe Roumiere

This French wine costs $5,135 per bottle and is the Chambolle-Musigny’s second most expensive wine. The label has other similar wines as well but the price of this one keeps on escalating.

Chateau Margaux

Founded in the year 1787, this brand has an immense variety of wines and produces the most popular and expensive wines in the world including Pavillion Rouge du Chateau Margaux etc. The values are sky high and usually with hundred thousand dollars range also one of the expensive wine brands.Expensive wine brands

Torbreck the Laird 2008

These coffee concentration wines are really smooth and tasty and after production requires a minimum of five years’ time before its released. It is produced in scarce quantity ever year and costs about $900 per bottle.

Colle Bereto ‘Il Tocco’ Rosso Colli Della Toscana Centrale IGT, Tuscany

This wine is made from the Merlot-Sangiovese variety of grapes which are extensively grown in Italy. Due to its aroma and savory flavors, it has been rated high by wine critics and its average price is $2,090.

Chris Ringland Shiraz (Three Rivers) 2006

This Australian cult wine is extremely rare but dense and powerful in taste. It is produced on secretive vineyard which is rumored to be only one in number. Each bottle costs around $700.Expensive wine brands

Roberto Conterno’s 2010 Monfortino

Is well known wine brand among the expensive wine brands. This wine made waves when it first hit the marker as it was reported to cost around 800 to 1000 euros ($1200 USD). It is thought to be on par with the wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy by the critics.

Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon

This vintage brand has been given a score of 95 by the ‘Wine Advocate’ for its amazing quality and taste. There are only 100 bottles produced every year for thousands of dollars.

Henschke Hill of Grace 2009

This is another top vintage wine brand and a score of 97 by the critics. It is sublime in taste and quality and perfect for serving to the guests. The price of this wine is $650 each.

Expensive wine brands are really charming for wine collectors not only for their prices but also for their quality. These luxurious wine brands may not be within the reach of an ordinary person but they still sell out pretty quickly when released. The one of a kind varieties by the labels are attractive for the wine enthusiasts who do not hesitate while buying these high figure products. ٖFor more information keep visiting Aedrio