My Favorite Asian Dresses for Weddings


Asian weddings are famous around the world for their glamour and extensive celebrations. A typical Asian wedding consists of events that span up to a minimum of three to five days. So many events call for a lot of dresses. Asian dressing is considered quite unique. Involving a lot of colors, beads, and embroidery, these clothes have a very chic style. Usually, Asian wedding clothes include styles like shalwar kameez, maxis, lehenga choli, sharara dresses, and so many others like them.

Although, there is no limit to the variations that you can design using these generic styles, there are some outfits that are more common than others. In this article, I will show you some of my favorite styles for Asian wedding dresses that are popular throughout the world.


The most commonly known styles of Asian fancy dresses include many variations of shalwar kameez, lehenga, etc. Here are the latest designs that are not just popular among women around the world, but also are my personal favorites.

Anarkali Lehenga Dress

This type of lehenga dress is linked to the traditions that the Mughals bought in the subcontinent with them. Anarkali lehenga is a long dress that resembles a maxi but with an essence of royal Indian culture.

Anarkali dress really brings out that regal look that all women love. The great thing about this dress is that you can customize it as you like. A simple one can be used even for formal gathering whereas the fancier versions make the perfect outfits for events like weddings etc.

Sharara Dress

Sharara is basically a flared two-legged bottom. It usually has a join just above the knee which gives it more flare towards the end. It is a very common wedding outfit in Pakistani and Indian weddings throughout the world.

It has its origin in the subcontinent where Muslim women used to wear plan shararas as an everyday outfit. Gradually it became popular as a fancy dress. There are many fabrics that can be used to make a sharara dress which you can rock on pretty much any occasion.

Banarsi Shalwar Kameez

One thing that surely comes to mind when discussing Indian or Pakistani clothing is the shalwar kameez dress. It is the most common everyday outfit for women in the subcontinent, especially Muslim women. Even though it is used as daily wear, its use on other occasions is not uncommon.

Banarsi shalwar kameez is basically a fancier version of the shalwar kameez dress which either has threaded or beaded embroidery, fancy laces or motifs, etc. There are different types of shalwars as well which are paired with banarsi kameez. These include the Patiala shalwar, tulip shalwar, etc. Even variations of trousers like straight pants, bell bottoms, etc. can be used instead of a shalwar. Overall, it works as the perfect attire for any occasion, be it formal or casual.


A saree dress is very common, especially in the Indian region. Women do not just wear sarees on different occasions but also as daily wear throughout the year. Saree is more common among older women as everyday attire as compared to younger modern women. Nevertheless, this dress is one of the few outfits that can suit absolutely any situation. Be it for daily use, weddings, parties, gatherings, or anything, you can never go wrong with a saree.

Another great thing about a saree is that you can make it out of any fabric out there. Silk, chiffon, cotton, net, you name it. There is no fabric that doesn’t look good when turned into a saree. One thing I love the most about a saree dress is that it not only makes you look regal but is also very comfortable to carry.

Above mentioned are some of my personal favorite Asian dresses that you can wear to wedding events. Although the list of dresses and their variations can be never-ending, there are some things that just have a special place in your heart. These are some of such dresses that can be called all-rounders. With these dresses and their perfect combination of class, style, and comfort, you can always stand out no matter where you are. For more keep visiting Aedrio.

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