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Every girl, whenever she is in a relationship, strives to make her man happy. If you want to become a better girlfriend and find new ways to make your boyfriend happy then you are in the right place. I will try to focus on some important points regarding qualities of how to be a better girlfriend.

In a relationship girls usually needs recognition but this recognition will only be gained by trust and understanding and not by being snobby. If you wish to become a good girlfriend you should be who you are do not entirely change yourself for another person. And follow what Taylor Swift says “You Must Like Me For Me“.

20 Points On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Following are some characteristics of how to be a better girlfriend. Try to adopt these and they will work for you in your relationship.

Trust him

  1. Have Trust In Him:

    Do not be judgmental and do not always check him. Give him space. Don’t be suspicious of everything he does and supports him in most cases. Trusting your boy will make him feel secure and he will brag about you among his friends that how much trust his girlfriend puts in him.

  2. Don’t Get Obsessed:

    Keep your focus and do not get obsessed with the relationship. Give some time off. Usually, girls over think a lot which makes problems. So how to be a better girlfriend? Don’t be obsessed !.

  3. Be Honest:

    If your boyfriend asks you what is wrong then tell him what’s been up your mind do not hide it and seem that he will somehow find himself. Girls usually do this by masking their emotions and feelings but if you want to be a better girlfriend and want your boyfriend to like you more you have to trust him and be honest with him.Girlfriend boyfriend quotes

  4. Feel Empathy For Your Partner:

    In order to feel empathetic, you have to feel exactly what he feels and not always in an intimate way. It is not easy to feel the same way the other feels but if you try to do so it will make your relationship stronger. Your boyfriend will feel a lot more secure that his girlfriend understands him and empathize with him.

  5. Do Not Argue:

    In a normal relationship arguing is a natural phenomenon but if want to make better your relationship you have to quit arguing on little mistakes or problems. Arguing makes things worse. People say if you want to check somebody either he/she is good for you or not then observe them when they are angry. If they sympathize and stop arguing then they are right for you. But if they act hysterically while they are angry you should probably part ways before it’s too late.

  6. Do Not Guide:

    Don’t be such bossy by telling him what to do and what not to do. For this purpose, he has a mother. You are his girlfriend not his mother. He is a grown up now and quite well knows what is good or bad for him. So let him judge it on his own.Love between gf bf quote

  7. Give Him Time:

    Do give each other time. Every now and then set a date night to prepare to dazzle for it makes him feel special. Spending time together is not just related to sitting together and talking but it rather is a trip to somewhere or simply you check un each other workplaces and make him feel you are there for him.Send texts to your boyfriend

  8. Send Texts:

    Send cute texts to him while he is away. In this way, he will think you miss him and dying to see his face. This will also arouse him and he will want to see you more than you imagined of.

  9. Respect His Friends:

    Try to respect his friends because his friends are of greater value to him and if he sees the two people he likes the most getting along with each other than he will surely be happy. But try not to flirt with his friends as this will hurt him and his feelings.

  10. Check-In:

    Try to daily check in for him. Just ask what he did all day? What was the most interesting thing that happened today? Did he miss you? Asking him and checking on him will make him feel that someone is there for him all the time.GirlFriend love

  11. Be Interested In His Matters But Not Pry Upon Them:

    If you feel your man is tensed due to some reason. Try to talk it out make him feel that you are concerned about his matters and you care about him. But if he doesn’t feel like sharing with you what is making him worried then don’t be nosy about it give him some space and let him know that you still care about him even if he is not comfortable in telling you what is making him tensed. In this way, he will start sharing some of the aspects of what’s going on with him.

  12. Speak Cautiously:

    Think before you speak. This is the golden rule which is to be applied everywhere. If you wish to be a better girlfriend then you should say those words that you won’t regret afterward. Keep in mind the way you deliver your words and speak defines the way you think.

    Love quote for better gf

  13. Give Him Lone Time:

    A relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend is of such type in which the more you get involved and be nosy about it the more it will lose its spark. In order to revive the spark of your relationship a good girlfriend always gives his boyfriend space and lone time so that he can enjoy what he likes with his friends meanwhile you can enjoy what you like. The more you give him time alone the more he will miss being with you and in this way, you will get the spark back.

  14. Don’t Gossip:

    Well, this one is especially the most important in how to be a better girlfriend. Try not to share your gossips with him because he is your boyfriend and not any girls of yours that will listen to all the ish talk about other people. Try to talk more about those topics that involve both of your interests. Do not start one-sided talk choose a common topic that involves both of you.

  15. Be Happy:

    A mans biggest achievement in a relationship is that his girl is happy. So if you desire to be a better girlfriend then be happy whenever you are around him even if you are having a bad day.

  16. Take Notes:

    Take notes of what things turn him on using them when you want him to cheer up. What are his likes and dislikes? Try to avoid doing things that make him mad. Taking notes if you don’t remember is not bad for how to be a better girlfriend.

  17. Respect His Family:

    In a relationship meeting up with his/her family is a significant act. Sometimes people don’t get along with them. Try to bond with them. Don’t try to part your boyfriend from his family. Do not ever make him choose between you and his become good girlfriend

  18. Show Your Love To Him:

    Always express your love for him. In public, hold hands and whatever you feel comfortable doing according to the surrounding. This is exactly how to be a better girlfriend for your boyfriend. Show your love doesn’t mean you need to do it forcefully or be possessive, be a lover, do it when you both feel like it.

  19. Give As You Take:

    In order to make your relationship successful and be a better girlfriend, you have to give as much you take. For instance, if both of you are living together try to share your house chores. If one of you is busy in his school or job the other should share the burden by working at home like preparing the dinner, cleaning up the house etc.

  20. Don’t Be Arrogant:

    If for once you think that you are all over superior then your partner and be arrogant about it this will lead to an unhealthy relationship. If you don’t like anyone of his habits and you want him to change it don’t say that you are better than him rather be supportive towards him and help him get rid of any bad habits he has, slowly.

These were 20 ways of how to be a better girlfriend. I hope these might help you one way or the other. In short, I would like to say that if you desire to be a better girlfriend and want your boyfriend to brag about you in front of his friends then be who you are. Don’t entirely change yourself for someone. The more you keep your natural self on the more you will be liked. Follow these simple rules as I have mentioned and look how well do they work.

Share the above article on being a better girlfriend with your other friends. If you have any query feel free to contact us or comment below. For more keep visiting Aedrio. Have a good day!

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