How to Be Energetic All Day – Best Practices


At the start of the day, we wake up feeling fresh and energetic and aim to remain as such throughout the day. But as soon as the afternoon arrives, we lose that feeling and energy and become lethargic. Our daily routine and issues of personal and professional life drain all of the enthusiasm that we acquire in the morning. There are many ways to keep yourself fresh and motivated around the clock. Here are some tips on how to be energetic all day.

Tips For How To Be Energetic All Day

There are various methods to upgrade the energy levels of your body throughout the day. You might have fatigue after a stressful day at work or your place of study. You can try out the following strategies for refreshing yourself.

Wake Up Early:

How to Be Energetic All Day? The first and foremost important thing is to have a good and proper sleep and get up early in the morning. This is the right way to kick off laziness and start your day ahead. Always try to get enough sleep (the average time for an adult is 6-8 hours) otherwise you might fall asleep during work or lectures and it can become an embarrassing situation for you. Set your alarms and try to wake up on the first ring. You can also have power naps anytime you like in the day which will help in how to be energetic all day. These are of around 15-20 minutes and quickly energizes your body. Do not overdo them as they might mess with your sleeping pattern.


Exercising should be an important part of your daily or weekly schedule. Working out keeps you motivated and makes your body stronger as well and how to be energetic all day. It is not a hard and fast rule to do heavy exercises in the gym, you can always find better alternatives that you can try at home. You can do stretching for 15-20 minutes or try out yoga which will charge you up physically and spiritually. You can pump yourself up by listening to some music. It really helps while you work out and helps in how to be energetic all to be energetic all day

Have A Healthy Breakfast:

Never ever skip your breakfast. You may not realize it but breakfast is one of the major things that can help in keeping you active in the day and how to be energetic all day. People usually avoid breakfasts in the day as they are in hurry for work and school. This leaves the body undernourished. The morning time is very stressful and engaging for working people and to balance and work it out properly, there is a need of having a proper breakfast with sufficient nutrients.

Drink Enough Water:

Another mistake we make every day which diminishes our body metabolism and makes us lethargic is not drinking enough water. Water is required in quite a great deal by the body to carry out the necessary reactions and processing of food and toxins. Drinking a glass of water in the early morning is the best as it activates our digestive systems and eradicates harmful substances from the body. It is advised to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Improve Your Diet:

Carelessness is also observed while eating the meals and snacks. This is another important factor which stops us from staying energized. Food is the fuel for the body. You can add snacks to your daily diet, which you can take between meals to refresh yourself. Try to go towards healthy food instead of junk food as it just fills your stomach but doesn’t give you the proper nourishment. Your daily intake should contain all the food that have the estimated nutrients according to your age and lifestyle. Take more proteins than carb as they provide more energy and eat healthy and natural energy foods.

Don’t Take Too Much Coffee:

Coffee contains caffeine which can be a very good and quick energizer as it stops the sleep inducing chemical produced in the body. One or ½ cup of coffee in the afternoon is enough but taking it in the late evenings can greatly disturb the sleeping cycle and affect your next day’s sleep as proven by various research conducted across the globe. You can replace it with healthy drinks including green tea which enhances the metabolism and burns the body fat to fulfill the energy needs is the best way on how to be energetic all day.

Explore Nature:

One thing you can do to refresh yourself is to spend some time in nature. This will not only make your day interesting but will also soothe your mind and spirit and inspire you towards creativity. Studies suggest to spend around 20 minutes in the company of nature and it is more rewarding for mental health than socializing to some extent. So go on summer vacations when possible.

Avoid And Relieve Stress:

Meditation and short breaks can really help to minimize the mental stress you undergo through the day and help on how to be energetic all day. It does not require much time and all you need to do is find a quiet place, separate from others and relax which is best way how to be energetic all day. Lose the tension in your body, close your eyes and breathe slowly and peacefully. Imagine things that provoke happiness in you and you will surely feel relieved. You can also practice deep belly breathing to calm your nerves during a stressful situation.

Take Small Walks:

Walks are another one of the healthy activities. You can feel your mood change after a short walk (for around 10 minutes or less) and gain more energy and burn sufficient calories. Afternoon walks maintain the homeostasis in the body. Try to go to parks so that you can enjoy nature while jogging.

Limit The Use Of Electronics:

Excessive use of electronics especially mobile phones really messes with the sleep-wake cycle (or in medical terms “Circadian Rhythms”) of the body and helps on how to be energetic all day. It does so with the bright light emitted from its screen and our brain misjudges it. You can instead try out reading books or magazines or other healthy activities like games that do not involve electronics. Make sure that you have switched off your devices especially one hour before sleeping.

Work Smarter:

While doing a certain task, try to think of ways that take less of your time. Many life hacks are available that save your time and you can complete your work easily and efficiently. This means that you can save your energy for more tough work and stress less over other things.

All Day

Practice Good Posture:

A bad posture can cause pain in the body especially in the back and the neck region. You should always straighten your back while doing any work and lean slightly. It may not seem that dangerous but bad postures can have dangerous and long-lasting effects which will keep you in constant trouble.

Take Healthy Drinks:

Sugar drinks and sodas are not healthy and don’t provide the sufficient energy as mentioned in their advertisements. In fact, the sugary drinks lower energy levels and affect the mood. So you should drink water or fresh juices or smoothies as an alternative. Smoothies have ample amounts of nutrients that aren’t present in other drinks. The body absorbs the healthy vitamins and minerals faster through them.

Create A Positive Atmosphere:

Try to make a positive atmosphere for yourself and for the people around you. When your surroundings are better and fresh, you will automatically feel fresh and happy. You can have friendly ties with your coworkers, peers, wife and friends so they can enjoy your company and you also remain stress free. Plan productive outings with your pals and engage in activities that really comfort your tensions.

How to Be Energetic in 10 ways

Natural Energy Foods:

Here is a list of some natural energy food that should be incorporated into the diet as they provide a good amount of energy very quickly and help in how to be energetic all day.

  • Spinach and Pear Walnut Salad
  • Quinoa protein bars
  • Skinny fruit and Yogurt Salad
  • Green Tea
  • Peanut butter and honey oat bars
  • Toast with Cream cheese and honey
  • Strawberry banana smoothie
  • Banana blueberry bars
  • French Toast Sandwiches

You can also make a diet chart as mentioned above or consult a nutritionist while doing so. Your body has varying energy requirements through different times of the day. Meal planning is a major part of a healthy lifestyle and how to be energetic all day you need to eat foods that are a quick source of energy.
Trying out the suggested tips on how to be energetic all day will make you feel fresh and motivated. Often times, we are so busy that we ignore the needs of our body and this results in tired feelings in the day which could ruin your mood, work and eventually everything. So, be careful while planning your day and schedule everything so that you stay energized all the time and do healthy and productive activities. For more interesting information visit our homepage.

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