It is the time of the year when spring is everywhere and the red roses are in full bloom. You have an aesthetic sense and want to draw these beautiful flowers. But you have fears and are scared to draw, for your mistakes will diminish your confidence. Well, worry no more as this article will tell you all about how to draw a rose for both beginners and advanced levels. Once you decide to create art you should do it without the fear of mistakes. But still, to do that, you need some tips and tricks and a little encouragement to draw. So dive in for some training and tips. With practice, patience and perseverance you will be able to draw realistic roses by the end of the season for sure.

How to Draw A Rose Step by Step for Beginners

Here are some methods if you trying to draw a rose for the first time. Don’t panic just create art with ease and enjoy while you are making it. It takes practice to be perfect but you should shed your fears completely once you pick up a pencil. Otherwise, you will never become good at it. For beginners there are no special materials required, just take a pencil, an eraser and some colors and you all are set to create art!

Method 1

Here is how to draw a rose for beginners:


Step 1

Draw a circle and create a line in the center which will be your focus point. You will add more shapes and designs to it.

Rose Drawing step 1

Step 2

The line drawn on the inside will be the point from where you will add more lines. Make a closed shaped bud of the flower.

Rose Drawing step 2

Step 3

Add ruffled petals in the center which will indicate the bloom when the drawing is completed. You will have to add more shapes to it very carefully otherwise the bud in the center will appear distorted.

Rose Drawing step 3

Step 4

Make a heart shape around the petals added in the previous step. Add the edges on the opposite sides of the rose.

Rose Drawing step 4


Step 5

On the right-hand side of the flower, make a line around it and this will indicate that the bloom is expanding. To balance, add ruffled petals on the other side.

 Rose Drawing step 5

Step 6

After making the bloom, draw petals on the right side as well. Add it to create a roughly circular shape of the flower otherwise, it would look more oval and deformed.


Step 7

Draw the base and make smaller petals on the center which should be a little more detailed than the rest. You can add a stem and some leaves if you want to.


Step 8

Now is the easier part. Draw thick petals around the flower until it looks enough. Do not overdo it. Once you are done, analyze the mistakes you have made and correct them. Remove any guidelines you created for reference.

Step 9

And finally, the rose is completed! Add colors and shading if you can, to make it look more beautiful.

how to draw a rose finally


Method 2

Here is another way on how to draw a rose if you want to draw from a different perspective. This is relatively easier and even kids can make it.

Step 1

Draw a small oval shape in the center of the page which should resemble a coffee bean.


Step 2

Make a spiral around the shape of the bean. It doesn’t have to be evenly spaced.

Step 3

Draw two curves on each side and this will give the look of the petals.

Step 4

Add three curved-vertical lines on the flower in the middle, right and left sides.

Step 5

Make two leaves on both sides and this will complete the bud portion of the drawing.

Step 6

Now keep on adding complete curves around the bud in the shape of the petals.


Step 7

Make small leaves on the base of the flower and add two vertical lines and join them to create a stem.


Step 8

Add finishing touches and color as you like.

And BOOM!!! The rose you have drawn for the first time is done.

Tips on How to Draw A Realistic Rose

How to draw a rose at a more advanced level, you should definitely try the following tips.

Keep Drawing And Practicing

In order to make yourself good at realistic drawing like that of a rose, you should try to create and draw more and more. Never limit yourself and explore all the different ways which can make you a better artist. Draw the subject from different perspectives and angels and keep on practicing. Learn from the mistakes that you make and stay confident.

Improve your sighting abilities and make yourself a better observer. Only then you would be able to hone your skills.

Sharpen Your Observing And Creative Thinking Skills

If we all try to draw a thing in a similar way, the beauty of drawing will go away. So to stay motivated you have to be observant and enhance the logical and creative thinking by your brain. The early steps of realistic drawings include making simple shapes on which complex drawings are reinforced. See where the squares and triangles are and create your drawings around such basic shapes.

For instance, the rosebud has a basic oval shape and is wide at the bottom and narrow at the tip. So you should draw the shape and then add more detail to it.

Choose References Carefully

There are a huge number of reference pictures available for roses on the internet etc. So you should keep your eyes open while choosing one as a strange reference will really hinder the process of creativity and your artistry. You should think of negative spaces and background silhouette as well to give you the sense of placement of the subject.

Draw Carefully And Attentively

Realistic drawings always have to be three dimensional. So, you should stay attentive while drawing each part of the rose and portray it from a specific angle. Use circular strokes and curves in the flower as it has the basic round shape.

Bring Life To Your Drawing

For a better and advanced aesthetic sense, you should be able to create something which speaks for itself. Once you make a picture, it should leave others surprised and amazed. Exaggerate things that otherwise seem boring to add more sense to your drawings. It will trigger the emotions of the viewer and by adding your own creativity, it will make it different from others.

How to Draw A Realistic Rose

Take a look at this quick step by step tutorial on how to draw a realistic rose. You will need hard and soft pencils (HB and B series), a sharpener and an eraser.

  • Draw a teardrop shape with very light lines.
  • Add a circular line at the tip and make little petals on the inside.
  • Enclose these petals within a heart shape which will become the outline for adding more petals. Connect it with the rest of the bud to make a petal.
  • Make another heart around the bud and connect them together.
  • Draw a bigger and irregular heart shape and create a sense of depth.
  • Add another petal and draw it more detailed than the rest.
  • Draw small petals around the shape buds and then add larger ones. Keep on adding until a cup of petals is created.
  • Next, add petals which are bending more and going towards the bottom. Once you complete that, make hard lines around the rose.
  • Now using a softer pencil, add shading on the inner parts going from lighter to darker tones.
  • On the edges of the petals, draw hard lines. Don’t cover all the edges, just the pointed ones near the bud area.
  • Add texture with a hard pencil in accordance with the source of light.
  • On the openings and fissures add shading and dark outline with the same hard pencil.
  • If you are satisfied with the flower, you can leave it there or you can draw a stem and some leaves if you like. Do not forget to add shading and texture to those as well.

So, there were some tips and methods on how to draw a rose. Let yourself go once you start creating your own rose. Never pressurize yourself in creating something perfect because perfection can only be gained through practice and patience. Always try different techniques in your art to make it different and livelier from others. Try the above-mentioned tips on how to draw a rose and if you are successful, you can perhaps give this rose drawing as a gift to someone you love. Happy drawing!