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In the digital era, credit cards and online payments have taken over but a very traditional method of depositing or transferring money is still prevalent and that is “Check”. Checks are a very easy method but one has to go to the bank, in any case, to deposit or pay it. The particulars are to be filled very carefully or otherwise unauthorized access to it can lead to a lot of damage. You can learn all the information about how to write a check with cents here.

How To Write A Check With Cents – Beginners Guide

These steps will guide you in detail about how to write a check with cents, with the correct amount and other details.

  • Write The Amount:

    How to write a check with cents? There is an amount box on the check, usually on the right side underneath the ‘Date’ line. It is accompanied by the sign of the currency that is different for each type. For dollars and pounds, it would be $ and £ respectively. The amount you need to deposit has to be written in it correctly. The dollars and cents should be written separately and a decimal point should be added between them, for instance, 68.50 which indicates sixty-eight dollars and fifty cents. Sometimes the amount could be in even dollars but still, you will need to add zero cents. It would be done in the same way as mentioned above by adding a decimal e.g. 37.0.How to Write a Check

  • Write The Amount In Words:

    Write the amount in words as well. There is a second line which ends with the name of the currency, like dollars in America, where the amount that is being paid or deposited is written out in words. For that, the dollars are written as such textually but the cents are written as a fraction of 100 as 100 cents make a dollar. So, the amount X is X/100 that of a dollar. The several ways to write that includes:How to Write a CheckAmount of dollar in words + and + the cents in fraction e.g. Thirty-eight and 50/100. An ampersand (&) or a plus sign (+) can also be used instead of ‘and’.
    Amount + dollars + cents in fraction e.g. Thirty-eight dollars and 50/100.A straight line can also be added horizontally after cents to stop anyone else from adding any amount that you have written.

  • Hyphenate Words:

    How to write a check with cents, add Hyphen with compound numbers as they aren’t in tens, hundreds or thousands etc. The two parts of the amount number have to be hyphenated e.g. Thirty-eight is the right way to write instead of thirty eight or thirty-eight.

  • Words have to be used at all costs:

    The amount of money is always written in words or textual form even if it is very large, say in hundreds, thousands or millions. How to write a check with cents with huge amounts The line is usually very small so make sure that you write it completely in the provided space. For example Three million, forty-eight thousand, six hundred eight dollars and 50/100_____.

  • Add Correct Date:

    Other non-monetary requirements include writing the date in the proper sequence and abbreviation. The order is month/date/year such as March 28, 2018 can be written as 3/28/2018. But in some parts of the world, the order is different and switched to date/month/year. So be careful while filling the date as a wrong order can lead to difficult and problematic circumstances.How to Write a Check

  • Post-Date Checks:

    As every country has a different banking format so make sure that you are filling the check in the appropriate manner devised by the rules of the specific country, for example, America or other countries that use the dollar. Checks can be cashed at alter time as well. In some cases, you may write an amount that is more than your current funds or savings is a way of how to write a check with cents. In that situation, the check can be “Post-Dated” i.e. a future date can be entered and the check can be cashed on that date, not before that.

  • Pay To The Order:

    Over the line where you have written the amount, you have to write the addressee of the check. This would be the name of the person or the organization to whom the check is being written. Be extremely careful while writing the name and always use the official or legal names.
    How to Write a Check

  • Memo:

    Additional information which may be not necessary can be added on the memo line at the bottom left hand side of the check. It could be a wish, greeting, a customer number for bills of utilities or maybe something to remind you about the reason for writing the check. Information of filing and processing for the receiver can also be written, otherwise, it is not a compulsion.

  • Signature:

    This is the most important part and the area for signature is on the bottom right hand side of the check, across the memo line. The signature should be valid and same as on the official documents and bank receipts when the account was first opened. Invalid or wrong signatures can lead to cancellation or accusation of forging the original signature. A blank check should never be signed, as someone else can use it inappropriately and you can lose a hefty amount of money.
    How to Write a Check

One thing that is to be kept in mind is that while writing a check if the amount exceeds that of the funds, the bank will pay on your behalf and add it to your account as an overdraft or may refuse to pay that. This is called ‘Bouncing A Check’ and it requires extra cash in the form of fees and frequent occurrence can lead to the closure of your account by the bank. You would then also be unable to open accounts anywhere else. Some banks may offer protection but give a time limit in which you have to pay that amount.


To help you out further on how to write a check with cents, here are a few examples:

  • Eighteen dollars and ninety-nine cents:
    Eighteen and 99/100 dollars
  • Twenty dollars and fifty cents:
    Twenty and 50/100_____
  • A check for eight dollars:
    8.00 (Even though there are no cents, the double zeros are still added after the decimal)
    Eight and 00/100
  • Forty-four cent check:
    Zero dollars and 44/100.

This shows that even in the absence of dollars and the presence of just cents, checks can be written and while writing in textual form, you can add, ‘No dollars and (the amount in cents)’. Zeros and double zeros can be written if there is no amount of cent.

Writing A Check For Hundred Dollars:

How to write a check with cents of hundred dollars? Checks can also be written in hundreds and the amount is written in words and the cents as the percentage of hundred. Remember not to confuse the 100 itself and the percentage with cents. E.g. for hundred dollars and fifty cents, we write it on the check as

  • One hundred and 50/100
  • 100.50

Check Writing Software:

This digital era has various options for us for payments and cash deposits and most of them are electronic which are way easier to use. Some of them are as follows:
Online Payments: Bank can provide and pay for money in an electronic manner and you can later have a print out of the receipts of payments very easily. You are not restricted and you can do it anytime and anywhere. This method has revolutionized virtual commerce industry.
Payment Services: These are electronic money orders for sending money and are free most of the time. A record of transactions and deposits is very efficiently maintained through it which can be checked whenever you like.
Credit and Debit Cards: These are very common e-payment methods and are much safer to use. Chance of theft or fraud are reduced.

Check Writing Software

Nowadays, there are various software available on the internet through which you can learn how to write a check with cents. You will not have to do it manually and chances of errors and mistakes are highly reduced. The particulars are filled faster and info can be stored for future use so that you do not have to go through the trouble again and again. Databases also offer other details to be used on the check. Some of the check writing software are:

So, this was all you need to know about how to write a check with cents. Fill all the parts of the check with extreme care and in the correct order. You can ask the bank too about their different requirements and fulfill them as needed. For more interesting articles visit our Homepage.

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