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Tattoos are a symbol of art and aesthetic since old days. People like to get their bodies tattooed with different kinds of inks and various designs. In this way they try to express themselves and their emotions. Some people get tattoos just for fun others follow their strict traditions and cultures and get their bodies tattooed as told by their beliefs for instance red Indians etc.

People get tattoos of their favorite band, artists, faces/eyes of their girlfriend or boyfriend, their loved ones or any other design they feel like. Usually during teens, high school students tend to get tattoos and they think that having tattoos is a cool thing.

They don’t realize at that time what kind of tattoo they are inking on their skin but after some time when they become adults they get the realization what kind if tattoos they’ve been adding up to their skin. They feel stupid about having those tattoos of their teenage years and then start to search for ways, how to get rid of them.

Laserless Tattoo Removal:

One way to remove tattoos forever is by using laser but it is a very painful and too much expensive process. People these days are looking for methods that are less expensive and are less harmful for skin. In this article I’m going to share some ways and techniques for laserless tattoo removal. Some people mask their tattoos by applying makeup and applying concealer. But this is temporary solution.
If you are going to opt laserless tattoo removal techniques then it also depends on the area/region of skin from which you are wishing to remove the tattoo. If your skin is sensitive and is allergic to different compounds consult your dermatologist or the tattoo artist for some advice.

Now the question arises does laser less tattoo removal actually works? The answer is it all depends on patience and consistency with which you use these home remedy tattoo removal methods. Also how to remove tattoo yourself without spending too much money on tattoo parlor for its removal.

Sand Powder:

This method of laserless tattoo removal which includes sand powder. Although this method is kind of rough but it removes the remnants of the tattoo you want to remove. This method is not recommended for people with sensitive skin as it would harm the akin layer and it will remain red/inflamed for weeks. But this method is one of the most effective in regards to comparing with other techniques.

All you have to do is to simply apply the sand powder on to your skin with the help of wet or soaked towel. Also sponge can be used for application of sand powder. This treatment will exfoliate your skin and bring back the juvenile appearance. Also it will expose those skin layers having the inked part of tattoo which will make it easy to remove tattoo from that area.

Before applying make sure you have used antibacterial soap to clean that part of skin. So that it is prevented from action of microbes.

Aloe Vera And Yogurt:

This laserless tattoo removal technique is quite fascinating to know that grocery items as simple as yogurt and aloe Vera gel are effective in laserless tattoo removal. This is how to remove a tattoo naturally. Believe it or not but these naturally occurring things not just help in removal of tattoos.

They also provide you with basic moisturizers and keeps your skin supple. As yogurt and aloe Vera have beneficial effects on skin. A specific solution of Aloe Vera gel and yoghurt should be applied twice or thrice daily to get the results.

Increase the times and duration of application according to the region of skin. It will naturally remove the tattoo ink as it has the ability to exfoliate the skin and bring up the inner layers of inked skin.Laserless tattoo removal

Salabrasion Method:

This laserless tattoo removal technique includes water. Some different kinds of salts and al pinch of sanding. This technique works at micro level and due to micro friction the tattoo is removed in less time. These salts work wonders on skin when applied in the right amount.

This is the best tattoo removal product and its just a salt which you can find easily. Due to various skin types not everyone’s skin responds accordingly. In regards to tattoo removal, this salabrasion salt will help you remove your tattoo without lasers with in a month.Laserless tattoo removal

Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide Book

This book written by Dorian Davis, tells about the use of laserless tattoo removal instead lasers for removal of tattoos. It clearly states that there are a lot of advertisements regarding laser tattoo removal and media also promotes it because they get a whole lot of money by just one session of laser treatment.

The doctors that provide this laser treatment charge up to 300-500$ per treatment session. Also the ads seem to forget the multiple side effects caused by laser treatment. For instance skin infection, inflammation, burns, scars, permanent loss of skin pigmentation, over-pigmentation and blistering etc.Laserless tattoo removal book

Debunks Laser Tattoo Removal Industry:

In his book, Dorian also says that as he is a tattoo artist himself so he knows all the ins and out if tattoo industry and also its removal process. According to him, the subdermal layer where the ink of the tattoo is fixed can be easily flushed out by using proper cellular waste removal process your body uses for everything else!

This is what the laser treatment advertisements do not want anyone to know because otherwise their industry would collapse.Not only tattoo removal by laser is a highly expensive process. Moreover you need 3-4 sessions to completely remove a tattoo but also it is a painful procedure.

As it causes many skin diseases. Also laser treatment can cause genetic mutations which we do not know at the time being but it effects later in our lives in different ways.


You can get this book online on Amazon cart or in the form of eBook. You can also get a hardcore copy of this book. In order to download type laserless tattoo removal guide pdf or laserless tattoo removal guide download. The seller of the book also give the guarantee that if the information provided in the book does not works for you or does not suits your body. You can get full payment back with in a month. This is a feature given by very less publishers.
In the end I would like to add that first of all be very sure while choosing a tattoo so that you won’t regret it later so that you think of its removal methods. Secondly, if you still want to remove an ugly tattoo from your teen days.

Look at the options you have if you want to spend money. Do not care about how much it cost to remove a tattoo then you can opt laser tattoo removal technique. But if your pocket does not allows you to spend a whole lot of money.

You can either use all natural tattoo removal methods or invest some money and buy this book laserless tattoo removal guide. This book will not only help you in removal of tattoos. It will also give you different tips for perfect skin etc. For more useful reads go to

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