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Just like all across the USA, lottery games are very popular in the state of California as well. The different types of lottery offer crazy prizes and jackpots that make a simple person a millionaire in a matter of seconds. Over the years, players have won up to $27 million in lotteries. By reading this, you will get to know more about the lottery winner California 2018 and the winning number of august 2018.

California Lottery History

The California lottery was created on November 1984 after the approval of state voters and the tickets were issued from October 1985. More than $27 million has been paid to thaw winners of different lotteries.

A hefty amount of the sales of the lottery ticket is also invested in developmental projects for the public including schools and colleges. There are many lotteries available in California and the most famous out of them is the Mega Millions lottery. It was initiated in 2005 through the help of the Governor of California state at that time Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger and now it is the largest lottery in the state.

Draw Games in California
Other than Mega Millions there are many lotteries available in California. Some of them are as follows:Lottery Winner California 2018

  • Daily 3, Daily 4, Daily Derby (It is horse racing themed)
  • Fantasy 5
  • Super Lotto Plus (It has the highest jackpot i.e. at least $7 million)
  • Hot Spot (keno-style game)
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball

And many more.

Lottery Winners California 2018

Many people have tried out their luck through playing lottery by just investing a few bucks. Here are some of the lottery winner California 2018 and their stories.

Lucky Southern California Player

A lottery player from Southern California was extremely lucky as he won multiple lotteries. Antulio Mazariegos won $5 million worth scratchers in the California Black Premium Game. He also won five million Spectacular Scratchers and a $10 Million Dazzler scratchers worth $600.

Not only that but last year he won $1 million in another lottery in California. This winner was extremely fond of playing the lottery and his recent win was due to his quick decision of purchasing the three leftover lottery tickets which proved to be the winning numbers.Lucky Southern California Player

Crazy Mega Million Win

A player named Teri Darrell won $550,000 in a Mega Million lottery in California recently. She had the craziest story about how she got the ticket. She was off to a market to buy some nuts for squirrels with her dog as it likes to chase them.

While shopping, she noticed that the Jackpot for Mega Millions was valued at $393 million. So, she decided to buy the ticket but she never thought that she would be the winner of the $550,731 jackpot in the lottery draw held in August. What a nutty win!Lottery Winner California 2018

Unbelievable Modesto Man Win

47-year-old Christopher Allen could hardly believe that he was the lottery winner California 2018 with the prize of $750,000. The Modesto resident decided to get a lottery ticket on his way back home from work.

Christopher chose a $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers and as he scratched and matched the number with the winning combination that was displayed at the store. He was shocked to see that he got the winning ticket and had to get the confirmation from the workers to consider it believable.

Mr. Christopher  was extremely happy and had a hard time convincing his family about the win and said that he wanted to make the most and better out of that prize money.Lottery Winner California 2018

Super Lotto August Lottery Winner California 2018 Number

The lottery prizes depend on the combinations of numbers announced by the respective lotteries. Most of the time winning a lottery prize depends entirely on one’s luck but many argue, that there are clever tips one should use in order to win a lottery.

The winning numbers are generated either randomly or manually. If you have a lottery ticket, you need to keep yourself updated when the results are announced and then match the numbers you have chosen with them. If you are fortunate enough to be a winner, you should take the required steps to claim your prize quickly or else you could be scammed. Here is the Latest number of the Super lotto August lottery winner California 2018.

  • 11 23 24 28 46 18 Day: Saturday Date August 11, 2018 Winning Numbers | Draw #3272

Payment of California Lottery prizes

The California lottery prizes are paid to winners in usually one payment if they are non-jackpot and include the simple versions of the lotteries. Most of the time no taxes are added on the lotteries but this may vary. For huge prizes such as the jackpots, the money is paid in installments over months and sometimes even years. The Super Lotto Plus, Mega Millions and Powerball prizes are distributed in 30 annual payments.

The choice of how a winner wants to be paid has to be made within a month of results. If there are unclaimed prizes and players do not have the matching ticket. Claim period expires after a certain time and the money is spent on public development sectors and especially on education.

The lottery winner California 2018 have won huge sums of money as a result of them getting lucky while playing the lotteries. California State has many lotteries to offer and some players take this advantage. Try to win by using different strategies. The lottery from California is also better because more than 90% of the revenue generated through the sales of lottery tickets and unclaimed prizes goes is spent on the betterment of the community. For useful information keep visiting Aedrio.

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