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People go to the movies to escape from their everyday life and experience visual stories that can make them feel emotions in ways that are rare otherwise. Sometimes, there are movies that not only having amazing stories but their amazing visuals can leave you dumbfounded. It doesn’t matter what the plot or genre is, you leave the theater with a delighted aesthetic sense and an increased appreciation for the creators of the movie. Here are some movies with breathtaking cinematography.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Kicking off the list is the Wes Anderson’s 2014 masterpiece which stars Ralph Fiennes and other big names. Wes Anderson has always been prosed for his visual aesthetic and throughout his career, he has created films with a unique perspective and storyline and has developed his own signature style. It continues in this movie which is about a grand Hotel and its owner and how he finds himself in trouble after he is linked to a murder.

You can stop at any frame of the film, and you will find yourself looking into a unique piece of art. From the dresses of the characters to the hotel set to the stunning cake decorations and scenery, everything is precisely placed and looks appealing. The color palette shifts with the story in warm and light tones and a behind-the-scenes look give an in-depth account of how it all came together. Once you watch it, it will leave you wanting for more and you can get completely hooked on it. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork


Gravity has claimed a spot in every critic’s list of best sci-fi thrillers of the past decade. The film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney may not appease everyone but its cinematography sure does so. It is heavenly both in general and literal sense and can make one overwhelmed by the idea of living and working in space.

The movie is about an astronaut who is stranded in space after her team and spacecraft are destroyed. Many find the movie pulsating as the tension builds up beautifully after every scene and the end is surreal as well. The depiction of space is almost too real and those who watched it in IMAX or 3D must have had an unforgettable experience. Due to these reasons, it was awarded an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and Best Director too. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork


This flick directed by Christopher Nolan is also one of its kind in terms of breathtaking cinematography. Not only the sci-fi depiction is scientifically accurate in terms of theories but the visuals of space are literally out of the world and take no time in transferring the viewer to another dimension. Accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, the scenes on different planets and on the spaceship are masterfully crafted.

Even the storms and fields on earth are extraordinarily presented. It depicts a group of explorers trying to form sustainable places for humans to live beyond earth and the stellar cast, which included Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway among many others, also gave a beautiful performance. Not only will it keep you at the edge of your seat, but you will be emotionally challenged too. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

Life Of Pi

This adaption of the bestselling novel of the same name by Yann Martel, took everyone by surprise when it first came out for its beautiful visuals. It revolves around a shipwreck survivor and a Bengal tiger stranded on a sea and how each of them plays a battle of survival with the other. It may sound cliché, but you just cannot take your eyes off the screen once you start watching it.

As it wasn’t targeted to a certain audience, it was applauded by all viewers and appreciated by the critics. The subject matter is handled very intricately and it follows the book pretty accurately as well. It wasn’t a surprise when Life of Pi won four Oscars including Best Director and Best Cinematography as the visual treat it offered was completely different and amazing. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

The Fall

Tarsem Singh brought a unique joy to the audiences in cinema with this movie. It has two storylines and I just can’t recommend this movie enough who is in for a visual feast. It shows an injured stuntman telling a story to a little girl who is also patient at the hospital. His words are transformed into beautiful images in the girl’s mind and this is the most captivating element.

The palette of the film is made of sharp and contrasting colors and no moment is wasted to highlight them. It was shot in many iconic and beautiful locations around the world and an epic tale is inscribed visually in the minds of the viewers. It is so good that even if you watch it on mute, you will still enjoy it a lot!Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

Shape Of Water

Coming from the visionary director Guillermo Toro, this also has a unique tale just like his other films and doesn’t let the audience get bored at any time during the film. This fantasy piece is about a girl who is mute and falls in love with a unique creature who was brought into a lab where she worked as a creature. It does sound a bit weird but isn’t at all by Guillermo’s standard.

The master composer Alexandre Desplat made a splendid soundtrack to complement the visuals which attract the audience and sure does leave an impact. The movie ends up giving a moral lesson but not in the usual monotonous boring way but in a more exquisite style. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Mad Mux series is widely popular in cinema especially sci-fi fanatics and one of the reasons it because of the depiction of peculiar apocalyptic worlds. The Mad Max: Fury Road was no less amazing than its predecessors and exceeded in each department, with a challenging cinematography from action scenes to sober moments.

Set in a futuristic world, it introduces a woman named Furiosa, played by the impressive Charlize Theron, plans a mutiny against her leader and gets the help of Max (Tom Hardy). It is bold and crazily swift and sometimes you have to process quickly what is happening. It is very rare in Hollywood for films like these to be made, so they should be appreciated for the daring production and presentation. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

2001: A Space Odyssey

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the famous work of the great Stanley Kubrick i.e. 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was definitely a pioneer in the use of the visual technologies and has been consistently rated as the best sci-fi films ever made. Even the films made today can never properly follow in its footsteps and many try to pay homage to it through their efforts.

One can never suspect if it was made in the 1960s unless told as the craft was unique and the aesthetic was of its kind. The story may take some time to be understood but overall, it is very pleasing to watch this classic masterpiece.Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork


Not only was Avatar a huge hit when it came out, it was one of the first films to use modern visual effects and CGI at their best potential and was successful at doing so. It was stated that the fans of the fiction world of Pandora depicted in the film were disappointed as they couldn’t get any locations like that in the real world. The aesthetic was unique and well-presented and captured everyone hearts.

It was proved by the fact that it was the highest grossing film of the year it was released and revolutionized the use of graphics in the cinema. The creator of the movie, James Cameron is known for taking risks and trying out new stuff and he heavily experimented with the visuals and cinematography of this film and ended up creating a masterpiece for all to cherish and enjoy. Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

Ex Machina

Alicia Vikander is an artificial robot in this fantasy movie and this will constantly play with your mind until you reach the end. The makeup effects were particularly the hardest and the best and really added an eccentric outlook to the movie. The technology used in it was state-of-the-art and everything blends in together spectacularly to make a breathtaking movie.

Lessons are learned and minds are mesmerized once you finish watching it and you will be pushed to appreciate the hard work that goes on in the making of such spectacular flicks.Movies with breathtaking cinematography camerawork

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So, these were some of the best movies with breathtaking cinematography. It is rare for films like these to exist and they only come once in a while, and when they do, you just have to submit yourself to them and their astounding and mind-blowing visuals. They are a treat for everyone and it takes a lot of effort and dedication to create pieces like these. If you like this article do give us your feedback in comments and keep visiting aedrio.

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