Tattoo Removal Cost – Cost Analysis, Drawbacks and Tips


Tattoo removal is considered to be almost a business of $75 million annually. A large number of people are getting themselves tattooed and so is the rate of tattoo removal increasing. Tattoo removal cost thus is a very expensive procedure.

There can be multiple reasons for removing a tattoo that is maybe you don’t like your tattoo anymore. Maybe the embossed name of your x-girlfriend or x- boyfriend still gives you feels and you want to get rid of that pinching memory. Another reason being it is the requirement of your job as many organizations do not consider tattoos as a good sign in the professional field.

In these sort of cases, one has to find a way to remove the ink from his body as soon as possible. When going for such sort of decision you will always the first lookup majorly for one thing that is cost then you go for the type of tattoo removal that you would prefer. The tattoo removal cost cannot be defined exactly as it depends on:

  • How darker the pigments are
  • What the size of the tattoo is
  • On which body part is it placed.

Tattoo Removal Cost And Process

There are many methods of tattoo removal. We will try to explain almost all of them with tattoo removal cost analysis. The method that we thought to be the best one is the Laser Tattoo Removal technique.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost:

In this technique light beam of different wavelengths to target the tattoo. As a result, the ink pigments start breaking and the layers of the skin absorb them before they flow in the body. Therefore, the tattoo appears faded and cannot be removed in a single session. Many sessions of laser treatment are carried out to get rid of the tattoo permanently. The number of sessions depends on how bright and darkly pigmented your tattoo is.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost: The cost of the laser tattoo removal session will cost you around $250-$850 approximately. Still, the cost depends on the size of the tattoo, a small or medium sized will cost you about $200 to $500. As explained earlier the tattoo is not removed in a single session and therefore the cost of this method is expensive as compared to the other methods.

The more the number of sessions the more the tattoo removal will cost you. Laser-based tattoo removal also depends on the nature of your skin that is if your skin is sensitive then your surgeon will keep short sessions based on your skin’s tolerance level.

Healing Period Of Laser Tattoo Removal Session

Your skin takes approximately six weeks to heal from a session. So, your doctor will examine your skin before and after every session. Although being the most costly of all methods it is still considered the best solution as it does not have that much health hazards as compared to the other ones.

This method will only require your money (a lot of it) and patience too.

Tattoo Removal Creams Cost:

Now coming towards the other methods of tattoo removal. Yes, there are a lot of methods other than the laser tattoo removal method and are more economical too. The method I will start explaining is the first method that comes into one’s mind as soon as they think of tattoo removal and that is the use of tattoo removal creams. These creams are both cheap. As less painful as compared to laser tattoo removal in which one feels a short termed burning sensation.

Tattoo Removal Cost Using Creams: Tattoo removal creams cost about $40 for a big jar that will be utilized for a few sessions. But these creams are not advised for usage as they contain acids and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals burn the top layers of the skin and gradually fade away the tattoo leaving an ugly burn mark on your body.

Drawbacks Of Tattoo Removal Creams:

The complications increase in the long run creating skin problems. A few containers of tattoo removal cream is all you require for removing your tattoo but there is no surety that your tattoo is removed and not blurred.

There is no surety either as to how your skin will react to the cream. An ugly burn for a lifetime can never be afforded for the cost of a few dollars.

Do test a small portion of your skin and its reaction to the cream and then use it. Because if you experience any reaction then you should go straight for a laser surgery for removing your tattoo, the risk of creams should then strictly be avoided.

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal

Another method that is termed as Dermabrasion also known as tattoo abrasion. This method uses natural ways of treating your skin to get rid of the tattoo. Only targeting the top layer of your skin. This is the most inexpensive method of tattoo removal in which sandy or salty water is used for treating your skin.

The area where you have your tattoo is washed continuously with saline water until the skin gets soft and raw. Apply lotions with essential vitamins and alcohol so that your skin is disinfected as well as heals side by side. Do this process for every day until the tattoo fades off. It is also possible that you might soften your skin to an extent that it forms a wound of any sort. Resulting in infecting your skin. It should be noted here that the tattoo takes months and even years to fade away.

Dermabrasion Removal Cost: It’s only going to cost you sandy or salty water. This tattoo removal cost is the cheapest of all.

Drawbacks Of Using Dermabrasion

Even being the cheapest of all methods it is the one with almost either no results or results produced in a lot of years. If you are looking for a quick tattoo removal then this method should be the first to be knocked out from your list.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Tattoo Removal Cost

There also exists an alternative to the laser tattoo removal method and that is the Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). According to this method, the affected area is treated with a high-intensity light beam that breaks down even the darker pigments. By targeting all the layers of your skin from top to bottom.

IPl Tattoo Removal Cost: A total treatment of tattoo removal using creams including all sessions will cost you more or less $150 to $200. And laser tattoo removal cost will be $250 to $850 (as previously told). So spending a few extra dollars is favorable as long as they guarantee your safety.

Drawbacks Of Using Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Tattoo Removal

The side effects are very dangerous as the surgery affects all layers so they get exposed to infections. Also immediately after the session there will appear flaky patches of blackened skin all over the place for a couple of weeks. The time between consecutive sessions is also much more than in the laser tattoo removal method. As the skin takes longer to heal because the damage caused is more. Another drawback of IPL is that its tattoo removal cost more than laser tattoo removal.

Trivial Method Of Tattoo Removal

Now comes a very trivial method of tattoo removal that is cutting of the flesh from that area. No doubt that this method guarantees one-time tattoo removal but this is not practiced usually. This measure is taken by doctors in case of emergency.

Drawbacks Of Trivial Method Of Tattoo Removal

Even if you find a surgeon who is willing to operate your tattooed area. Then, there might be chances that there is a mark left on your skin. If the operation is not carried out by a professional. Its tattoo removal cost is solely dependant on the surgeon price n size of the tattoo.

Tips To Cut Down Price On Tattoo Removal Cost

Laser tattoo removal is often not considered by many due to its high rates. To cut down its price there are some tips that might help you.

  • First of all, you have to keep a check on your health and the strength of your immune system. The stronger your immune system the lesser sessions you will require and the lesser you’ll have to pay.
  • To boost up your immune system you should keep your vitamin level maintained properly. Vitamin A, C, and K are of vital importance. They are involved in the rejuvenation of your skin and strengthening your immune system.
  • Secondly, you should apply sunscreen and avoid sunlight as much as you can.
  • Last but not the least you will have to say no to alcohol.

Following these tips, it is assured that you will save a lot on your laser tattoo removal cost with just these easy to follow rules.

Providing you with all these options for tattoo removal, now it is your part to decide which one to opt for. Keep this in your mind that your decision should not only be finance based. Your health and care should be your primary concern. For useful information keep visiting Aedrio.

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