Teaching a Dog to Sit – Secret Training Tips


Hey if you own a dog and are all geared up to teaching a dog to sit, then you are at the right place. Nowadays it is very common for people to keep pets and among all the pets, dogs are considered to be the most favorite of them all. A dog is also referred to as a man’s best friend. As others pets dogs also require our attention in many ways.

They need to be taken care of, loved, fed, and most importantly, trained. Being a tame animal and a very preferable pet, it is of vital importance to training a dog. Training of a dog can also be termed as teaching your dog the basic obedience rules.

These rules include stay, sit, stand, down etc. in the following content you will be introduced to the teaching process for training a dog to sit. The steps are explained in detail and in a very simple way so that all the dog owner’s out there should benefit with them and easily teach their dog to sit. Following these rules will make his and your lives easier.

Teaching a dog to sit is a very easy task. It is considered to be good if you start training a dog in his puppy stage that is from the age of 2-6 months. This way they will be easier to train, handle and you will require no use of force.

Dog Sit and stand

Short training sessions are advised as the stamina of a puppy is less than a fully grown dog. Training sessions can be increased accordingly. Motivating your dog’s training as a puppy will help him get better as he grows old. This short training session will also induce in your dog an element of flexibility i.e. for the further future it will be easy for you to teach him with the other tricks such as stand and stay etc because once he has been through the training session.

Teaching a dog to sit is a solution to many problems including jumping everywhere. The communication of a dog owner with his/her dog builds an excellent understanding and relationship between both of them.


Fully grown dogs can also be taught to sit easily as it is very simple to teach.

First: The training should start off with a well-acquainted place for your it should be quiet and peaceful. This is a key element in training your dog to sit in this way his whole concentration will be towards you and he will not be distracted by the environment.

Dog Training place

His comfort is also considered in the initial stages of training. Make sure there are no strangers around, try not taking him to a park because he will have to face a lot of distractions there. It is best if you start the training sessions in your backyard or a place like that. If still you do not have a place at your home and have to take him to the park them first find a spot with no disruptions as they will affect your dog’s concentration levels.

Dog Clicker

Second: Next thing you should gather all the stuff available that will assist you in starting off with the training process. Firstly, grab a dog clicker. A clicker is a device made to seek your pet’s attention. You should familiarize him with the clicker in such a way that he is responding to it. It’s no big deal if you do not have a clicker because in that case, you may use different sounds to attract his attention e.g. “good dog” or a whistle etc. These clicker can be bought at amazon , to buy Click here.

Third: After acquainting him with the clicker training you then may proceed and get yourself a good handful of dog treats. Dog treats can be bought from any pet store by the name of dog food or dog treats. It should be kept in mind that the whole bad of treats should not be kept in front of the dog or in his near vicinity as well because dogs have a strong sense of smell and a whole bag of treats might divert them.

Dog treats for training


To associate your dog with any pointer or clicker you have to give him the treat immediately. This treat will serve as a motivation for him and as an incentive to initiate his training process.


Step 1: Grab a treat and let your dog sniff it but don’t feed him with it as yet. He will have his eyes fixed on your fist where you have his treat.

Step 2: Now is the time to lure him into sitting. Slowly and steadily move your treat clenched hand back to his tail. Till this action, your dog should have all his concentration towards you and should follow your fist as you sway it from his nose directly but peacefully towards his tail.

By doing this action the backside of your dog will touch the ground and he will be in his sitting position.

Step 3: There are chances that the dog might still not sit, so for making sure he sits give his rear a support, be it a wall or ant support of that sort. This way you will be able to restrict his backward movement and he will have to sit.

Step 4: As soon as he sits you should immediately use your specific sign that you previously familiarized him with or use the clicker and feed him with another treat. Now your dog has learned to sit, the thing remaining is associating his sitting position with a hand gesture.

Repeat the steps of offering him with the treat after he sits for about 10-15 times, the reps depend on the age of the dog and his stamina. You should then use a gesture of your hand every time you make him sit that way you can teach him to sit using your hand gestures.

The next step is quite difficult and that is to associate your pet dog with the word “SIT”. Your dog can be trained to sit by using the mere word but for that, you will have been persistent. You should take out time for your dog on daily basis and train him accordingly. Set short reps at different times of the day for his practice sessions.

For the initial phase of the teaching process, you will have to be regular, make sure he does not miss his practice and make sure he does not forget his lesson because that way your effort will be useless.

It is really important for you to try and maintain a balance in between over-pressurizing him too much and being lenient and feeding him with all of the treats. The time for the big test is when you are done with training. Tell him to sit but don’t offer him the treat. If he sits then you are successful and if it is the other way around then you should keep working on the training.

Try testing him randomly by saying the word sit. You should also try this action in front of guests or when both of you are not alone. In your training of teaching a dog to sit, there are chances that the presence of a third party might confuse him and drive him out of his comfort zone.

Testing him at that particular time is the toughest of all tests if he answers to your command as per the teaching rules. Your work is done here. Now you can sit back and relax. But if after all of these tests he fails you then you should most probably go back to step 1 and see your mistakes.


These tips will help you while you train your dog to sit.

  • Never train your dog in a park. Use an isolated place to get his attention.
  • Treat used as a bait should be loved by your dog.
  • Don’t get angry while training because he won’t perform until there is an attachment.
  • If your dog lacks stamina don’t push him into this extremely
  • Always be gentle with your pets.
  • Key to success is patience.


  • It develops a very beautiful connection between you and your dog.
  • You can make him show his innocent trick in front of your friends and relatives.
  • The most important one of teaching a dog to sit is that your dog will start having a special affection for you.
  • Another problem in keeping a pet is that they require a lot of space. You cannot confine them, they will jump and run almost everywhere. But if once you have taught them to sit them your life would become much easier.
  • The more time that you have spent with him, the attention you have given him will strengthen your relationship with each other.

After going through this content you can see for your selves that teaching a dog to sit is not a big deal. It requires us to do some few easy to follow steps and you are done with the day’s work. This teaching of rules is both enjoyable and fruit-bearing as it makes your dog more presentable and eases your life. For more interesting read keep visiting Aedrio.

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