What Are Dab Rigs – A Complete Guide To Dabbing


With latest innovations in almost every field, the drug and smoking department is not lagging behind rather with each passing day there are new discoveries and new ways to smoke. One of the innovations done in this field is the introduction of “Dab Rigs”. Dab rigs have become a cultural thing in many places as people have found a new way to smoke. As people came to know that the conventional cigarette smoking is dangerous for lungs so they looked for alternative ways to smoke their herbs one of the ways they opted was “Dabbing”.

History Of Dab Rigs

Although since 1960s people used to smoke concentrated oils and waxes but the term dabbing and dab rigs officially came in 2012. This was after the legalization of smoking products. Before this time dab rigs were used but on individual level. People used to make their own dab rigs and use it. But now this trend has changed and there is a upward shift in the demand of dab rigs. The market for dab rigs is growing rapidly and in near future who knows everybody would have their own dab rig and as the time pass new accessories of dab rigs will also be introduced in the market.

What Is Dabbing?

The word “Dabbing” literally cones from the process a certain amount of wax or concentrated oils is dabbed on to the nail of the dab rig. Then this nail on the dab rig is heated and the vapors rising from it are sniffed.

There are different types of nails available in the market and also dabbing depends in the type of dab rig used as they cine in different styles. For instance if there is a dome in your dab rig you would not have to wait for another heating of wax or oil but if the dime is missing you first have to cool your dab rig down then use for the next time.

dabbingWhat Is A Dab Rig?

If you are new to dabbing business then understating dab rigs would take some time. In bong or pipe you light up the thing and then use its smoke but in dab rigs there is actually nothing that is lit up rather it is heated. The wax or oil is dabbed on to the nail which is heated and the vapors are inhaled.

The process of dabbing is very effective as a very little amount of wax or oil will produce more effect than a large amount of any other material that is smoked. Due to its major effectiveness dab rigs are becoming more popular day by day and also its marketing is flourishing.

Components Of Dab Rigs:

There are three main components of dab rigs nail, torch lighter and a glass tube(or any shape according to style). There are additional accessories too which are given or bought according to need. Sometimes the torch lighter is not given in the package of dab rigs. So, you have to buy it.

An actual dabber is used for the application of concentrates of oil and wax. If someone is new to dabbing he/she should have all the necessary components of dab rigs. Later when they get experienced they can choose according to their choice.

Different Types Of Nails:

There are a wide range of nails available in the market for dab rigs. It is the customers own choice which he or she prefers. At first, nails do not grab the attention when understating the dabbing but one should keep in mind that nail is the part that would be heated several times to vaporize the concentrate.

dab rig nails

I will discuss some of them with their features then it is up to you which one do you choose.

Glass Nail Of Dab Rigs:

Glass nails are present almost everywhere because it is available in an affordable price and everyone can have it. But as glass nails work in bong and pipe they do not serve as efficiently in dab rigs. It is made of glass and it is easily breakable. Also by frequently heating the glass nail it will loose its strength.

Ceramic Nail Of Dab Rigs:

Its features are just like glass as it is also vulnerable for breaking. But one thing that has different from glass nail is that it can retain heat a little linger than the glass nail. Otherwise it is also not that much durable.

Quartz Nail Of Dab Rigs:

It is another material by which nails are made and it is better than glass or ceramic. But everything comes with its limitations a nail up if quartz does not have the ability to retain heat for long and cools down rapidly. It cannot be heated above a limit. So, if you have a quartz nail you have to heat it up again and again.

Titanium Nail Of Dab Rigs:

This is one of the most durable of all the nails discussed above and most preferred by professional dab rig users. It can hold on to heat for longer period of time. This characteristic comes with another limitation that it can be heated to a very high temperature where it can also burn the concentrate instead of creating vapors from it. So, usually people who use titanium nails use a water diffuser to maintain the balance and prevent the concentrate from burning.


Yet another type of nail unlike the others it is more durable and works on electricity and also has a temperature gauge. So one can easily fix the temperature on which he or she wants the concentrate to be heated. Also another feature of e-nail is that it turned down the need if torch lighter as it operates electrically.

Dome and domeless dab rigs:

When you shop for a dab rig there are two types of them one with a dome on the nail and the other lacking the dome. Now one should buy that rig that has more safety options. In the dome shaped dab rig the nail is covered by the dome so the heated portion is not exposed and it us more safe. On the other hand in the dome less the nail is not covered and the concentrate that is to be heated will be exposed and there is a risk of getting burned. Both of them are available in the market. Now it is up to you which one do you choose.

Cleaning Your Dab Rig

Once you have bought your dab rig and started using it. You are most likely to see spotting of repeatedly burning concentrates in it. Its cleaning is necessary. Either you dispose off the remnants of the concentrate or want to use it again so that none is wasted.

There is a special additional accessory just designed for this purpose it can gather all the remnants of the concentrate in the joint beneath the nail and can be used for future use. Cleaning of a dab rig also largely depends on the style of it.

Cleaning your dab rig
Things you will need to clean your dab rig are: alcohol for rubbing the stains of concentrate, towel, Q-tips, pipe cleansers, and a bowl etc. For more quick action add some salt into the alcohol you are using.
In order to clean dab rig place it in a bowl filled with alcohol.

Let it sit in for some time keep it in alcohol for longer period of time if the stains are stubborn. After that dry it with a paper towel and remove the stains using Q-tips.

Safety Precautions For Dab Rigs

There are some important points which should be kept in mind while using a dab rig.

  • One should be very vigilant while torching up the dab rig’s nail. Because it heats up easily and depends on the nail used.
  • It should be cleaned regularly because if clogs are formed in the pipes that might lead to fire explosion or some other disaster due to overheating.
  • Invest some money and buy a good quality concentrate because a low-quality concentrate will damage your dab rig.

I hope this article might help you in understanding what are dab rigs and how they are used. Also if you are new to dabbing you might have got an insight about what are the major components of dab rigs, cleaning procedures and some safety rules.

Keep in mind that dabbing is for enjoyment so follow the precautions as told above and enjoy your dabbing experience. For more interesting reads keep visiting Aedrio.

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    Dabbing and dab rig are the next generation smoke trend. Got most of the information regarding them here. I always had problem with cleaning and recycling my dab rigs. Really loved the cleaning process explained in the article. (Y)

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