What To Say To A Girl To Make Her Laugh – Pro Steps


This particular article is specifically for those who want to know what to say to a girl to make her laugh. It is targeted to men and once I mean men, I mean adult men, 16 years and above. So if you are a minor, please go and play some games. And hey if you are a girl reading this hmm, well all I could say is that you might find all the content in this blog funny, but yeah guys really do and say all these stuff to make you laugh and win your hearts.

We all know that if the girl laughs or smiles at your talks and your quick jokes, she kinda likes you a bit and you both can become good friends and even more. Well, boys, to win a girl’s heart or just to be even a good friend with her, you have to be a gentleman and be nice. Apart from these, there are several things that you can say to a girl to make her laugh and smile.

What to Say to a Girl to Make Her Laugh

Below are some tips and guidelines to make a girl laugh.

Pro Tips and Guide on Making a Girl Laugh

what to say to a girl to make her laugh

How To Make A Girl Laugh?

So what to say to a girl to make her laugh, you don’t have to make a complete joke of yourself to make her laugh but you can always crack some jokes or do some cute dumb thing which guys love doing. For example, to make a woman laugh you can always come up with funny solutions to any of the problems around her or you.

So here are some funny chatting tips that you may look into if you are looking for on how to make a woman laugh.

Be Positive And Confident

Well, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should be absolutely confident and positive on how you are dealing with the things and her once she is around. Once you are confident and positive about everything she will feel more secure and might laugh off at all the smart things that you would do once she is around you.

Once an officer by lake said to me: “Sir, you cannot fish here!

I replied: “Don’t worry, I’m not fishing, I’m just teaching my worm to swim.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the most important funny chatting tips is that you should not overdo it. You may come up with random funny things at times and joke around often but not always. If you are always cracking up a joke, you are taken as a joke as well and no girl enjoys laughing with someone who is not serious at times or takes his life in a responsible fashion.

Learn From The Funny People On The Internet Or Around You

To be funny and make a girl laugh, you do not always need to be unique and something different. What you can do is to watch the comedians on the internet or the people with good sense of humor.

Now I am not saying that you should copy them, but there are certain quirks and responses that you can make while talking to a girl and she will be laughing in no time.

Why did the bee marry?
Cuz she finally found her honey.

Share Stories That Make You Laugh Until You Cry

There are incidents in your life that are funny and hilarious no matter how many times you recall them. Well if they are fun for you, then they might be hilarious for the people around you as well. So why are you holding them back? Tell those stories that make a girl laugh.

Make sure that you are telling them with good humor and not a serious face or expressionless face. It will automatically kill the joke.

Know Your Kind Of Joke

You should always keep in mind that it is not necessary that you should crack a joke. At times not joking at all might make a girl laugh. You should be aware of the situation and the surrounding that are around you. It would be completely dumb to crack a joke knowing that her she is sad and you are trying to make her laugh for no reasons.

Your company for is like Mc Donalds. cuz I’m Lovin it.

The Timing Of Making A Joke Is Important

One of the main things to make a girl laugh is keeping in mind the timings of the things that you are about to say. Sometimes making a good joke at the wrong time can lead to disappointment.

For example, cracking a joke at a time once a girl is angry at you might make you regret the joke that you made. So be aware of the timings of the things and make your joke once you feel it is better too.

It is better to be late than arrive ugly.

At Times Make Fun Of You The Subject

Well don’t do it very often, but at times you can actually joke about yourself to make a girl laugh. This way the girl can see that you have a funny side inside you and you are willing to joke about almost everything. This way the girl will be laughing at your funny life in no time. You can also make a joke or two about the people around her and you.

I Told My Dad It’s Finally Time To Admit His Mistakes. He Cried And Then Hugged Me And My Sister.

Funny Things To Say To A Girl Over Text

In the modern era, what to say to a girl to make her laugh?. Well, where we talk to each other as much as we talk to other people in person, everyone at the back of their mind has a question in mind that what to say to a girl to her laugh over mobile messages or what are the funny things to say to a girl over texting. Well here are some of the tips that will make her laugh in no time.

Fastest Mode Of rumor Delivery? Tell A Girl About Something And Take A Promise From Her To Not To Tell Anyone Around.

Share Some Funny Videos Or Pictures

Catching up on what to say to a girl to make her laugh, one of the most effective ways to know that your girl will be smiling or giggling over something that you have shared is to share something that is universally funny. They might be some of funny YouTube videos or funny memes from the internet, after all, everyone loves memes, don’t they?

meme to make girl laugh

Don’t Be A Wannabe Annoying Guy

Once you are trying to funny, make sure you are not trying very hard to be one. Once you try really hard on something like this, there are high chances that you might screw it up and the same thing is with being trying too funny.

If you try to be funny all the time you might become that annoying guy that is always trying to be funny and making fun of you. If you ever fall into that category, you might be losing plenty of friends as not many will be willing to spend time with you or in your company.

Send Some Of Your Funny Picture With A Caption

If the girl is your friend or someone close, then sending some of your funny pictures with a funny caption will be making her laugh in no time for sure. Be sure that the picture is actually funny and you are not trying to be a wannabe funny guy. This will creep out the girl for sure. The best joke to make a woman laugh on text messages is to talk about some of the girls that she hates and you both will be laughing in no time.

Well, Here I Am. What Are Your Other Two Wishes?

Come Up With A Something Random Cute Topic

To make a girl laugh and smile alongside you is to come up with something cute and completely unexpected, this will surprise her and she will be laughing in no time. You can joke something about your life or hers but make sure it is not offensive or something like that. This specific tip among “what to say to a girl to make her laugh” is the best way to attach a bond or though with a girl.

Life Without You Is Like A Broken Pencil. Pointless.

How To Chat With A Girl And Make Her Laugh?

Frankly speaking, if you are chatting with a girl just to impress her or you want to impress her with your chat, I would say that please don’t do it. There is no point to impress someone specifically. If they like you, they will be keen and interested in you automatically. Making a fake impression of yourself and making someone like you for someone that is not you will be of no point.

There are many what to say to a girl to make her laugh quotes but we haven’t compiled them here as making a girl with some quotes or dumb logic is cheesy and girls tend to avoid guys like that. If you want to make your spouse or wife happy read this article on making a wife happy.

According to many polling sites and research, many men have been looking up to think on what to say to a girl to make her laugh therefore, we compiled most of the tips and things to say to a girl in person or on text messages. If you have further topics for us to cover or feel something to share, feel free to comment and share your thoughts. We would be delighted to hear from your side.

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